Belfast Ulster Hall 2015 (gig)

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Marmozets (support band) playing
Muse show
Venue Ulster Hall[1]
Date 15th March 2015[2]
Location Belfast[3]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 15[source?]
Support Marmozets[4]
Start (GMT) 9PM[5]
Sold out? Unknown


This was the first show of the Psycho UK Tour. Rumours of the gig first began on March 10th following a tweet from Matt stating "there's a time and a place i.e. 9pm, Belfast, Sunday". It was then discovered that a Northern Ireland production company had mentioned on Facebook a week before that Muse were to play Ulster Hall in two weeks. The gig was then announced the day after Matt's tweet.

Dedicated to Matt's mum (born in Belfast). Uprising dedicated to Matt's uncle, David Bellamy, a Duke of Wellington regiment warrant officer, who was killed in a hail of 30 bullets, during the IRA ambush in October 1979. This was the first time the band played in Belfast since 4th November 2006 and the second time played at Ulster Hall (first gig: 21st February 2004).

Matt met some fans in the crowd, one of whom asked what could be expected for the night. Matt then responded that Uno and Assassin were likely going to be played. As it turned out they tried to play both but only successfully played Uno. Matt announced they were about to play Assassin if they could remember it, talked with Chris and attempted to play the riffs, before apologizing, saying he'd forgotten and that they would play it 'next time'.

This gig marked the live debut of Psycho and Reapers and the first performance of Uno since 2003. Plug In Baby was on the setlist but in a different order from when it was played.

Muse also posted a clip from the gig on their Instagram account (click this link to view), showing Matt throwing his guitar into and overturning his Marshall amp. He had pushed this same amp over and stood on top of it earlier in the gig after Agitated. Matt later posted a photo on Instagram (click this link to view) showing the guitar was undamaged.

Fury was played a half step lower than on the last tour.

This gig marked the debut of the Manson Matt Black 2.0 #1, Manson Matt Black Stealth #1, Manson Copper Bomber, Manson M1D1 Gloss Black 2.0, Manson Silver Glitter Holes and a silver Fender Stratocaster



After Psycho Bellamy "Thank you!"
Before Uno "You thought that was old. Chris, when's the last time we played this one? He's remembering. Oh, when? Yeah, we think we might not have played this next one for, it can't be that old, we're not that fucking old are we? 15 years?"
After Supermassive Black Hole "Love you too.... or something. Cool place here. Can we play it? Forgot to rehearse it, I saw that little hashtag vibe today and I can't remember how it goes. Have to learn Assassin they say. I can't remember it. Maybe we'll fuck up badly, but we'll try it. "
Before Unnatural Selection "Maybe we’ll work it out for next time."
Before Uprising "[My uncle] killed here in '79 in the troubles."