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One of Bellamy's more insane ideas for a performance involved large white cones and a bizarre shadow show. He talks about this on the Interview Promo:

"I think the most Spinal Tap thing that ever happened was I designed this big light show with these big white cones that came down and I was going to be inside one of them and doing these sort of shadow things! (laughing) And everyone sort of said "Easy – that’s a little bit sad" (laughing). I really thought it was some sort of act of genius, with sort of steam and lighting show with this classical piece at the front everyone was like "what a pretentious wanker". I realised I was wrong and at the end of the gig I just got inside a cone and trashed it. Was it the Astoria gig? I ended up inside the cone and I couldn’t get out of it. It was like a cone made of material and it was the end of the tour, the big thing happening and I was inside it and I ended up getting stuck and I had to stay on stage. The gig finished and the lights came up and I was stuck on stage. (laugh) Until everyone had left the building and I was still there, I actually rolled and hid underneath the drum kit inside a white cone (laughing). That’s as about Spinal Tap as it got."

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