Bordeaux Patinoire Meriadeck 2006 (gig)

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Spiderman on the drums
The Bellamy salute
Muse show
Venue Patinoire Mériadeck[source?]
Date 31st October 2006[source?]
Location Bordeaux[source?]
Country France
Songs 17[1][source?]
Support Poet in Process[2][source?]
Start 20:30 UTC+1[source?]
Capacity 7,250[source?]
Price 35.50 EUR[3][source?]
Sold out? Yes[3][source?]

Two members of the forums again collaborated to get the set list out via SMS. 'oOLilouOo' sent the SMS to 'rockmuse88', who then posted the set list.[1]

Howard dressed as Spider Man,[1] however he took off the mask at some point during the show.[4] Wolstenholme reportedly wore a "teddy bear head thing" for "20 seconds".[5][6]


A recording by SOUSOUS is available in FLAC format here. The recording was made through an OKMIIR into an MZ-RH1 using ATRAC LP2 mode.[7]

An amateur[8] video is available here.



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